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Nothing can be left to chance.

Werner Waltz is a captain under the Capricornian Army. He is one of the main protagonists of the Six Chances series and also a True Conductor. He is a Projector. He is the focus character of Part III: The Fragmented Six.


Early Life[]

Werner was born to an unnamed father and mother, and has two siblings, Ludwig and Viktoria. While Ludwig injured himself almost fatally during his service, and Viktoria was born with a disease that made her unable to expel vitae; his circumstances pushed most of the family burden onto his shoulders as the Waltz family owned a wealthy watch-making business. His mother was often both verbally and physically abusive to Werner, prone to beating him in his childhood, and would highlight the important of appearances to him. She told him that "without appearances and the opinions of others" he was nothing.

Pre- and Post-Academy Graduation[]

While in the Academy Werner was class prefect, according to Gilbert; and even when Werner was set up with the most popular girls in the class, he showed no interest.

"Once when Gilbert encountered one of the smaller students being picked on by the school bully during chore time, he’d stepped in and eloquently... beat the shit out of the bully. Werner had stepped in promptly after and had written everyone up for disturbing chore time." - Gilbert Wolff, Werner's childhood friend, talking about Werner

After Werner's graduation, he was transferred from the capital to Gilbert's division in the south. Even then, he "never relied on anyone" and was generally unsociable, very rarely having people he could call friends. However, Werner still "rose above the ranks" even though "he set aside things like camaraderie and general morale."

Meeting the Six[]

Werner was sent to the border to resolve a Capriconian-Aquarian conflict. After implementing a successful ambush, he was shot by a surviving Aquarian after the skirmish, triggering the synchronization encounter with the Six.


Serving is duty,” Werner responded. “Nothing more. Nothing less. You should know this. It should be the same for you.” - Werner to the head medical officer after they remarked that they couldn't keep him off the battlefield

Werner has a cold, pragmatic, unapproachable exterior. Prone to prioritizing what is efficient and necessary over people's emotions, he values appearances over all, describing it as holding "nothing yet everything." He is also shown to ignore morals, saying that they "held little value and little meaning." He values order and dislikes when things are left to chance. His dislike of chance is assumed to have stemmed from one of his brother's offhanded comments.

Several nights later when Werner had come with the results of his V-Type test, Mother had thrown a fit. She’d sobbed, wailed, demanding that he get re-tested, asking him why he had to be a Projector. And after Werner had no answer prepared for her, she had moaned to herself: “Why do I have three useless children? Why do I have to have such terrible, bad luck? What will people think about me…?”

That night had also been the first time Werner had ever sought comfort from Ludwig. But instead of offering it, Ludwig had cruelly reveled in his brother’s failure and had left him only with: “There’s no such thing as luck or chance, Werner.” In other words, it’s all your fault.

- Ludwig, about Werner, (98) Part III | 16.4: Brother, 0650 Filial Affliction (1)

However, he is shown to consider other people in his decisions on multiple occasions; revealing the Capricornian military secret of "the Watch" and confirming that the Watch was behind the faking of Olive's first assassination attempt in order to protect Olive from further danger. He has a logical approach to everything, even when he is comforting others as seen when he overrides Cadence during her torture in Part II and when he clams Jericho's rampage in Part III. In Part II, it is touched on by Fritz Von Spiel that his “perfect soldier”y demeanor may just be an act to match the appearance of a soldier and of what’s expected of him.

“It’s like you’re cut out from one of the capital’s propaganda posters.” The colonel clapped his hands loudly, sending ash from his cigar onto the sidewalk. “Fantastic!”

- Fritz von Spiel on Werner’s perfect answers, Part II | 8.3: Werner’s Diligence (Rilassamento)

Conducting License[]

Werner Waltz / — / M
License Special Class Military: Capricornian Border Force / Rank: First Lieutenant
Conducting Type Projector / Intraneous User
Color Indigo
Most used c.a. Conducting Rifle (äußerer Blitz 43 rifle)
Conducting No 1-20-9-14-13-1-14
Issued Year 1938 / Expires Year 1942


Overall Abilities

Marksmanship: Werner has been shown numerous times to be a skilled marksman. His skill has earned him the name ‘Kaltes Auge’

Keen Intellect/Tactician

Leadership Skills


Projector: As a Projector, Werner has the ability to expel his vitae in a concentrated form of energy. This vitae has been shown to be able to easily cut through people and sturdy objects. His conductor of choice is usually a rifle.

True Conductor[]

As a True Conductor, Werner has access to the conducting abilities of all those within his circle. These include the following:

  • Transmutation
  • Elementalist (fire)
  • Specialist Disintegration


Part I: The Converging Six[]

Werner is introduced first as a Capricornian soldier who is fighting in a border conflict against the Aquarians. While Werner lies in wait for an ambush, he sees the Aquarians - now reduced to thirty two, after an earlier battle - marching in the enclosure, setting up camp. Werner notes to himself that he had considered a 1% chance that the Aquarians would not, in fact, set up camp here; but then Werner sees an Aquarian come nearer and take off their cloak. He recognizes them as a medical officer, and his men balk at shooting them; but still Werner tells them under his breath to not hesitate.

After the battle commences and the Aquarians' numbers are halved, Werner spies one of his men exposed. The man is cowering, hugging his rifle to his chest. Werner approaches the soldier, who he addresses instead as a "boy," and points out that the boy's conductor remains unused - after telling him to get back, Werner gets shot by an surviving Aquarian (before he passes out, he notes that there had been less than a 1% chance that an Aquarian had survived. But "a chance was still a chance," and errors could be fatal). After barking at the boy to mark the clearing, Werner collapses.

He wakes up and thinks to himself that he could possibly be dead. But then he eliminates the possibility because he could still think. After pulling at a v-bulb, Werner surfaces in a medical room with a nurse that he identifies as Greta, a classmate from his academy days (she is a Specialist conductor who scored extremely high on the State Conductor Exam; but failed at the military interviews - with that, Werner notes yet again the importance of appearances). Werner compliments Greta's work with an "always exceptional," but abruptly asks when he can leave as he needs to report to the Captain.

Gilbert Wolff enters the room and chides Werner, asking if that's all Werner had to say when greeting someone he hadn't seen in over a year. When Werner is surprised at his arrival but asks what happened, Gilbert answers that the battle was a success and the Aquarian who shot Werner escaped the scene but got shot by Gilbert's men. Werner nods and asks Greta to fetch the head medical officer so he can get discharged.

After conversing awkwardly with the medical officer, the medical officer informs Werner that he received a call during his treatment from one Officer Kortz, who said to tell Werner that there had been a complication with "the Watch" and asks Werner to report to "the major."

When Werner gets discharged and goes back with Gilbert to their camp, a private named Fischer names the cowering boy from before as an "Otto Vogt," and suggests that Werner should discharge Otto from service. Werner frowns and says that Fischer should be more concerned with his own performance than others', although later Werner admits to Gilbert that he is an exemplary soldier. Gilbert calls Fischer a jerk, pauses, and adds that Werner shouldn't say anything.

Werner doesn't.

As they walk on, Werner stops and is pulled out of his thoughts. When he returns, Gilbert looks at him weirdly and says that Werner just said "who the hell is Werner" while in the stupor, and suggests Werner to go back to the hospital. Werner declines, and the duo meet Captain Weingartner soon after. Werner walks with Weingartner to meet "the major," whose name is revealed to be Ersatz.

After a round of conversation, Ersatz reveals "the problem with the Watch" being the Ophiuchian peackeepers catching word of Capricorn's conflict with the Aquarians. Ersatz adds that the peacekeepers will likely side with the Aquarians, even though said Aquarians were "dipping into [a Capricorn-owned] reservoir like it was their own." It is revealed that Sagittarius, whose trade routes cross over the conflict, is also involved.

Ersatz says that Ophiuchus has requested a representative from both sides of the conflict to meet them in Gradstal, an area near the reservoir, and appoints Werner as said representative. Ersatz also gives the order to eliminate any Aquarian pockets Werner encounters along the way.

After Werner selects his division, they set off for Gradstal.


Gilbert Wolff[]

Gilbert is Werner's childhood friend. Since Werner is Gilbert's subordinate, Werner treats Gilbert distantly when they're on duty. Despite seeming to hold Gilbert at an arms length, Werner is shown to care deeply about Gilbert. It is shown that he secretly admires Gilbert's forwardness and valor. On the opposite side of things, Gilbert feels indebted to Werner after Werner took the fall for him during their childhood. They have yet to speak about their true thoughts to each other.

Nico Fabrizzio[]

It is shown that Werner obtains some of Cadence's memories and feelings towards Nico and acts on them making Werner friendlier, more lenient, and gentler to him compared to his other subordinates. Additionally, in the very first circle with Shion, Werner is shown overriding Cadence and protecting both her and Nico, although Werner himself no longer remembers this. Although Nico is shown to have feelings for Werner, it is unknown if those feelings are reciprocated.

Ludwig Waltz[]

Werner has a complicated relationship with Ludwig. Although he admires Ludwig, he also...

Viktoria Waltz[]

Viktoria Waltz gave Werner the "first expectation he wanted to meet himself." She partially inspired his desire to be a protector.

Olivier Chance[]

It's shown that Olive somewhat views Werner as a father figure. How much of Werner's relationship is affected by Olive's feelings due to Werner's "weak sense of self" and the nature of True Conductors is unknown. Werner lectures Olive often and does not accept Olive's excuses. He has saved Olive on multiple occasions and holds Olive's admiration.

Cadence Morello[]

Werner is shown to disapprove of some of Cadence's methods and her lack of responsibility. He lectures her often and pushes her to learn how to read. Cadence's selfishness is often detrimental to Werner due to the nature of their connection which is shown in Part II. They seem to share a sense of camaraderie due to their similar childhood experiences.

Maria Gloria-Fernandez[]

Werner is shown to be exasperated by Maria's antics and personality.

Atienna Imamu[]

Werner and Atienna both share the more mature, level-headed roles in the circle. They are shown to consult each other at times when making decisions for the group and when discussing serious topics. Atienna was able to see Werner's personal issues with identity.


Werner is shown to care for Jericho deeply, even willing to be hurt to help him.


  • His probability of disrupting the syzygy is 1% (reason: obedient and cautious). When "adjusting for influence from connected parties if assumption of being True Conductor holds," it becomes 56%.
  • His "probability of being a True Conductor," when calculated, is 89%.
  • Werner's first name means ‘the defender/defending warrior’ + Waltz because Elm liked the alliteration and decided to go along with Cadence’s music theme because of their similar experiences.
  • It was said that Werner gave up playing the piano when he entered the Academy.
  • If Werner was in our world, he would like mainly classical, orchestral, or lofi music, but would appreciate any kind, and would secretly watch British Bake Off, How It’s Made, and C-SPAN in terms of TV shows.
  • Werner's favorite animals are dogs, and his favorite drink is black coffee. If he existed in modern times, he would be an "extremely successful patisserie with his own brand name business."
  • His blood type is A, according to (84) Part III | 14.1: Observer & Peacekeeper, 0000 Unusual Activity. He has been awarded the following Capricornian military badges: the Iron Horn, the Periwinkle Cross, the Border Force Combat Clasps, the Order of Duty [Rank II], the Badge of Marksmanship [Rank V], and the Border Force Saturn Ring of Honor for Valor.
  • Werner has 20/6.6 vision in both eyes. He is 183 centimeters tall and weighs 80.1 kilograms, and is ambidextrous.