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Vitae is a source of luminescent energy harvested by the countries of Signum. It is composed of vitae particles. It is channeled through devices called conductors and can be used to power cities and to power weapons. Vitae is split into categories: soft vitae which is living vitae and hard vitae which is non-living vitae. It is harvested by generator conductors and supplied to countries to fuel v-lights and v-ehicles.

- Vitae & Conductors Pamphlet, published by Ophiuchus

Anima-Vitae Hypothesis[]

The Anima-Vitae Hypothesis theory about vitae that comes in three parts. Firstly, a part of vitae is representative of the soul. Secondly, vitae particles have the ability to store memories. Thirdly, upon the death of a person, their vitae does not dissipate. Instead, their vitae particles rejoin with the soft, living vitae of the natural world thus rejoining a cycle. A common belief held in Virgo. Popularized by P.D. Oran.

Conducting Variants: Vitae, Energy, Life, Blood. Soul? Notes by Pema[]

When the science of conducting was in its initial stages of development, various methods to conduct vitae were employed in an attempt to utilize it to its full capacity. The final form of conducting seen today was achieved through centuries of trial and error, and it’s curious to look back on the failed and discarded attempts of conducting. And to make fun of those idiots.

One method of vitae conducting that has been long since abandoned forgotten is one that directly harvests the vitae particles found in the bloodstream. Due to this peculiarity, this method was available only to those who were able to utilize vitae intraneously. Instead of separating vitae particles from the body as is done with present-day conductors for intraneous users, this form of conducting bypasses the separation leading to a more intimate usage of vitae. This method may be more ‘powerful’ than modern conducting but it’s also more taxing on the Conductor due to the higher purity and density of the vitae particles being expelled. Also—blood loss. Duh.

This method was developed by Ophiuchus centuries ago and has been forgotten centuries ago. As of this journal entry, you can’t even call it a myth anymore. It’s nonexistent...

- Text written by Pema; failed Saint Candidate, former Bodhi monk, air Elementalist who could use vitae without a conductor

Vitae Energy Levels[]

Vitae Energy Levels

In Part 3: The Fragmented Six, it’s revealed that vitae has multiple energy levels going from lowest to highest in a fluid scale.

Weaponized conductors cannot convert vitae of the people they are used on to the fourth energy level because, when a weaponized conductor is usually used, a person dies and their vitae is returned to the lowest energy level. But if the vitae in a person who was still alive is increased to beyond the fourth level, when they die, their vitae is returned to the fourth energy level. If said unstable vitae came into contact with any living being, they, too, would've been converted. Said discoveries were made and experimented with in the Capricorn Alles Für Alle project.