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True Conductors are individuals who experience a near death moment and subsequently find themselves connected to other people. They subsequently share thoughts, feelings, and memories with each other.

The smallest group of True Conductors known is two, while the largest group formerly consisted of seven. True Conductors are considered leaky channels and are fragile. Due to their nature as leaky channels, Conductors in a circle are able to share their conducting-type with other members of the circle. They are also able to 'step in' for each other through overrides or overlaps.

Circle Name Members Status
The Main Six Olivier Chance, Cadence Morello, Werner Waltz,

Maria Gloria-Fernandez, Atienna Imamu, Jericho,

Shion Myosotis (inactive)

Claire's Circle Haneul Yuseong, Sigrid, Andres Active
The Arctic Trio Fritz von Spiel, Yulia Kriska, Kovich Deceased
Tourist Duo Hideyoshi, Louise Bonnefoy Active
Deceptive Circle Cvetka Akulova, Astante, other unknown members Active
Renee's Circle Renee LeBlanc, Hilton Active
Veles's Circle Veles, other unknown members Active