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Signum is a large continent consisting of twelve countries and one peace-keeping central state, and is where the events of Six Chances takes place. The universally accepted currency in Signum is the common coin and the universal language is Common.


500 Years Before Story Beginning[]

Signum was founded by Monadism's Ancestors.

450 Years Before Story Beginning[]

Signum separated into 13 states/practically countries.

30-12 Years Before Story Beginning[]

Reservoir War (1906-1924)[]

  • Sometimes called the Vitae War, it was a long war that was fought over the many vitae reservoirs found in the continent of Signum.
  • The Reservoir War lasted around eighteen-nineteen years.
  • During the Reservoir War, the opposing sides during the first part of the war were the following: Sagittarius, Virgo, Scorpio, Libra vs Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini. The alliances were based off of trade, ethnic distribution, political marriages, vitae distribution, and geographic location. Respective country relationships either strengthened or fell apart during the fight against the original Ophiuchus.

6 Years Before Story Beginning[]

Tragedy of Aries (1935)[]

2 Weeks before Story Beginning[]

Capricornian-Aquarian border conflict (1941)[]

  • The conflict was started at Capricorn's eastern border shared with Aquarius.
  • Sagittarius was pulled into the border conflict and started seeking aid from other countries. The Liuxings of the Xing Clan were noted to have sought out help from Virgo. As the Capricornians worried that, due to Aries' friendly relationship with Sagittarius, Aries would get involved; the Capricornian Watch faked an assassination attempt on the Ariesian crown prince to preoccupy Aries from interfering.

Post-Story Beginning[]

The Week of Blindness (Capricorn, 1941)[]

  • "The Week of Blindness" refers to the series of events occurred in Capricorn when the Saint Candidate Scorpio mass-Manipulated many Capricornians during the Augen Revolution, including the Kaiser of Capricorn. The week ended in Kaiser Kafke Netzsche's assassination by Augen leader Marionette Engel in which Scorpio was involved.

Creation of Aquarian-Capricornian Task Force (1941)[]

  • In the fallout of the Week of Blindness, General Watzmann took on the title of Acting Kaiser and established contact with the Tsar and Premier of Aquarius in order to improve border relations. An agreement was established to create a joint task force between the two countries to seek a truce with Argo and put an end to the border conflict.
  • In order to create said task force, multiple joint activities will be held for the sake of improving diplomatic relations between the two countries; such as less taxation on vitae transportation, the installment of better ley lines between the reservoirs between the two countries, and joint military training exercises.

Sagittarian-Capricornian Tariff Tensions (1941)[]

  • During the Capricornian-Aquarian border conflict, Sagittarius' poor relations with Capricorn rose to prominence. As a fallout of the Capricornian Augen revolution, Sagittarian Emperor Heixing declared a 30% markup tariff on all Capricornian food and animal productions, the reason being due to "atrocious treatment of [Capricorn's] citizens and staining of its people’s civil rights" and "carelessness for its international allies." Additionally, the Emperor increased the mark-up of Aquarian imports.
  • It is unknown whether Aries, having a long-standing relationship with Sagittarius, will follow Sagittarius' lead.

Cancerian-Leonian Marriage (1941)[]

  • A Cancerian Duke of the House Lune (by the name of Aldéric Échecs) proposed to a Leonian princess. Although ducal positions are not ingrained in Cancer's government, they are symbols of the country, and thus its diplomatic context is prominent.



  • Aries is a warm northern country ruled by a fair king and queen. Beneath the king and queen are feudal lords who are assigned states to govern and given certain duties in turn. The capital is New Ram City which is under the protection of the royal guards, personally selected Conductors chosen to protect the royal family.
  • Leader(s): King Augustus and Queen Terra
  • Demonym: Ariesian
  • Currency: Bill
  • Locations: New Ram City (capital)
  • Known Citizens: Olivier Chance, Lavender Chance, Queen Terra, King Augustus, Trystan Carter, Alexander Charming, Marta
  • Saint Candidate: (current) Lavender Chance, Saint of Ashes

For more information, see: Aries



  • Gemini is a capitalistic country that thrived after the end of the War. Money flows out from its capital Twin Cities which is home to many underground, criminal organizations.
  • Demonym: Geminian
  • Currency: Cens
  • Locations: Twin Cities
  • Known Citizens: Cadence Morello, the Foxman Family, Nico Fabrizzio, the Romano Family, etc.
  • Saint Candidate: (current) Unknown


  • Saint Candidate: (current) Unknown, (potential) Beni Calice



  • Virgo is a peaceful country that has a unique way of viewing vitae, nature, and conductors. Vitae is viewed as more than just an energy source. Following the War, this country folded away into isolation. It consists of 21 tribes headed by 21 chieftains.
  • Denonym: Virgoan
  • Known Citizens: Atienna Imamu, Bachiru Imamu, Kamaria Imamu, Kichea Imamu, Usian
  • Saint Candidate: (current) Unknown, Saint of Bonds




  • Sagittarius is a rich, diverse, and windy country and the largest country in Signum. It consists of ten clans and is ruled by one emperor. Each clan hosts its own unique language, culture, and way of life and is governed by one royal family whose members share blood relations to the emperor.
  • Leader(s): The Emperor Heixing of Sagittarius
  • Demonym: Sagittarian
  • Currency: Weun-dongs
  • Known Inhabitants: Yuseong Haneul, Ilseong Jin, Yuseong Eunji
  • Saint Candidate: (current) Ilseong Jin, Saint of the Arrow, Saint of Direction; (former) Pema

For more information, see: Sagittarius


  • Capricorn is a southern country of Signum that shares a border with Aquarius and the southern country of Argo. A highly militaristic country that values duty and service.
  • Leader(s): (current) Acting Kaiser General Waltzman; (former) Grand Kaiser Kafke Netzsche [deceased]
  • Demonym: Capricornian
  • Currency: Marks
  • Locations: Die Hauptstadt (capital)
  • Known Inhabitants: Werner Waltz, Gilbert Wolff, Fritz von Spiel, Kafke Netzsche, Ludwig Waltz, Marionette Engel
  • Saint Candidate: (current) Unknown

For more information, see: Capricorn



  • Pisces is a vibrant country with a rich culture and people. Rivers, canals, lakes, and other bodies of water comprise 75% of its land. Due to the constant sunshine that falls upon the land, many of its locations are listed in the official top ten tourist attractions list of Signum. Numerous conservation groups have been put in place by its government to preserve its beauty.
  • Locations: Hapaira (town)
  • Demonym: Piscese

For more information, see: Pisces


  • Demonym: Ophiuchian
  • Saint Candidate: (current) Unknown

For information, see: Ophiuchus

Events of Signum[]

"The Diplomatic Conductor Convention is a technological, engineering, conductor symposium held in a select country of Signum on a rotating schedule once a year. This event started back in 1925 as a way to unify and promote cultural exchange in Signum following the Reservoir War.

It is at this convention that engineers and researchers from across Signum gather to present their research and inventions to the public eye in hopes of garnering the attention of the powerful political circles of Signum."

- 'Events of Signum', Countries of Signum by Multiple Authors, 20th edition

Significant Legislations of Signum[]

The Vklad Plemennykh Rabochikh Act, better known as the Tribal Worker’s Contribution Act, was signed into legislation following a surge of unemployment in Aquarius after the Reservoir War. The act was designed to create employment specifically for formerly-serving soldiers from the tribal states of Aquarius. Other benefits of this act include increased vitae-reservoir supply to the tribal territories and agricultural food assistance and support.

Positions range from military, fishing industry, and conductor manufacturing. The act requires a quota of job-filling to be met in order for the tribes to receive the additional benefits. In 1932, the act was extended to encompass the progeny of tribal members who served in the war.

Success of this program is still under evaluation.

- Significant Legislation, Countries of Signum 20th edition by Various Authors

Committees of Signum[]

“Once again, we put forth the recommendation to officially increase the minimum age requirement for the V-Type Test to Ophiuchus. Now that the war has ended, there is no need for children under the age of sixteen to have their conducting-type tested. In fact, adolescent V-Type testing may put children at risk for being taken advantage of by militant parties seeking particular Conductors.”

- Proposal on Minimum Age Requirements in Regards to Conducting (1938), Joint Ethics Committee of Signum