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Shion Myosotis was a Sagittarian air Elementalist who was one of the first peacekeepers working in Ophiuchus. She is of Sagittarian and Ophiuchian descent, her surname being Ophiuchian. She was childhood friends with Ilseong Jin. Unbeknownst to the main protagonists, she was also a former True Conductor in their circle.


Early Life[]

Shion grew up in the middle of the Reservoir War in the Hoshi Clan of Sagittarius.

While in school, despite being an air Elementalist, her marks were at the bottom of her class. When the teacher asked her class to write an essay about what they wanted to be when they grew up, Shion wrote that she wanted any career that could make people happy. The teacher responded verbatim, “This can’t really be what you want to do. Life isn’t this simple. No one will believe this or take you seriously.”

“Being simple isn’t a bad thing,” her mother reassured her when home on leave. “In fact, choosing to live life simply is the smartest way to live it.”

“And be proud of your name,” her father would say whenever he was on leave too. “It’s proof of our history. You shouldn’t care what they think! They’re just young. They don’t know any better.”

- Shion's mother and father, about Shion in school

Wanting to avoid all the whispering, Shion often skipped class, which "probably didn't help her marks." She would make her way to the bamboo forest near her school, use her conductor to fly up on a hammock she'd made, and spend time with a blackbird she'd courted with food and water and named Kuro." One day, while arriving at the hammock, she discovered a girl in the robes of the Seong Clan occupying it instead. When Shion made known her presence and that it was her hammock and bird, the girl insisted that the blackbird's name was Geomjeong, instead.

Yet after Shion called for Kuro, Kuro settled on Shion's finger; and the girl called the bird a traitor. The girl invited her to sit on "their" hammock, and introduced herself as Ilseong Jin. After this, the two became fast friends.

Reservoir War[]

Once Shion was of age, she enlisted to serve in the war where she would perform air raids and drop conducting grenades on target locations. She developed and intense guilt from her wartime actions. During one of the breaks in battle, she rencountered Jin who had since become the Saint Candidate of Sagittarius. Jin informed her that the war would end soon and that a peacekeeping organization would be formed to clean up the pieces. Jin asked her to join and offered her a sense of direction.

As an Ophiuchian Agent[]

Meeting the Six[]


Incident Report #310, 30.7.1935 [CASE CLOSED]

Event: A female Sagittarian-Ophiuchian peacekeeper (Conducting-type: Elementalist, air) of the ELPIS Investigations Department reported dead on Serpens Establishment premises. Witness eye accounts state Elementalist fell from high altitude. Subsequent examination by Medical Department list fall from height as COD, instantaneous.

Further investigations reveal Psychological Evaluation Department recorded Elementalist as 'experiencing depressive and suicidal thoughts,' although improving.' However, Elementalist reportedly requested leave prior to death leading to conclusive ruling: suicide.

Peacekeeper has no close family or relatives. Body given to current ELPIS Investigation Department chairwoman.

- Category: Internal Affairs, Case File #756IA,  General Investigations Department

Stuck at the Threshold[]


Shion is described as having a simple personality. She did not get good grades in school and was often ostracized due to her Ophiuchian lineage. Still, she kept a caring and upbeat personality, going as far as to adopt and name a bird during childhood. She enjoyed the simple things in life, admiring the v-lanterns that lit up the sky in remembrance of those who had fallen during the Reservoir War.

When she was still connected to the main protagonists, most of them came to rely on her for advice and support.