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Sagittarius is a rich, diverse, and windy country and the largest country in Signum. It consists of many clans and is ruled by one emperor. Each clan hosts its own unique language, culture, and way of life and is governed by one royal family whose members share blood relations to the emperor.

- Countries of Signum by Multiple Authors, 20th edition

Sagittarius is currently ruled by the Heixing Emperor (see: Xing Clan).


Aries-Sagittarius Alliance[]

Aquarian-Capricornian Relations[]

Other Names[]

Each one of the many clans of Sagittarius had its own respective language paired with its own unique characters, dialects, and alphabets.

This resulted in this particular city having eleven names. Ten in the different languages of Sagittarius, and one in Common. The Common name for it was ‘Thousand Name City.’

- Olive, on the languages of Sagittarius

Known Clans[]

The Seong Clan[]

Known Members[]

The Xing Clan[]

  • First Prince - ???

Known Members[]

  • Fu Heixing (Emperor)
  • Beijixing Kai
  • Beijixing Mai


The Beijixings were a group that reportedly went to Virgo in search of aid during the Aquarian-Capricornian border conflict.

The Hoshi Clan[]

  • First Prince - Shiroihoshi Tooru

Known Members[]

  • Shion Myosotis
  • Shiroihoshi Kaworu
  • Shiroihoshi Naru


According to Jin when Shion and Jin were young, the former First Princess of the Hoshi Clan always "sucked up to the Emperor," and the Emperor in turn "gave her candy like he liked her or something." The then-First Princess also disliked Shion for being part-Ophiuchian, saying that Shion was not a part of their Clan.

The Tārā Clan[]

Known Members[]

  • Pema (former Saint Candidate of Sagittarius)
  • Ritu Uttarētāra
  • Bheem Uttarētāra
  • Arjun Gandiva Uttarētāra (disowned)

The Sao Clan[]

  • First Princess - Trang Saođanglên

Known Members[]

  • Trang Saođanglên


It has been mentioned that the Sao Clan's eldest princess took the conductor V-type test and it read that she was a Conjuror - thus, they attempted to kidnap (and possibly kill) Yuseong Eunji before she could complete her State Conducting Exam, to decrease the Seong Clan's chances of getting the throne.

The Kyaal Clan[]

  • First Princess: Enkari Kyaalhpyauu

Known Members[]

  • Enkari Kyaalhpyauu
  • Htain lkyaal

Succession of the Throne[]

Sagittarius’s royal succession ceremonies are elaborate and are celebrated all over the country. In order to be considered viable for the throne, an individual must be a direct descendant of the emperor or empress, be an air Elementalist, and obtain a State Conducting License. Near the end of the ruler’s reign, the crown princes and princesses of the many clans of Sagittarius gather at the capital to initiate the selection proceedings. The final decision is made by the ruler, thus each clan tries their best to earn their favor.

- Countries of Signum by Various Authors, 20th edition

The Bodhi Temple[]

“A temple not of religion but of wisdom,” the guide had said. “It has sovereignty over itself, so Ophiuchus and the Sagittarian government barely touch it. It’s a sacred place. If you’re seeking knowledge, you’ll find it here. Of course, gaining entrance is no easy feat. That’s why Ophiuchus hasn’t ever reached that place!”

Known Members[]