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Pisces is a vibrant country in Signum with a rich culture and people. Rivers, canals, lakes, and other bodies of water comprise 75% of its land. Due to the constant sunshine that falls upon the land, many of its locations are listed in the official top ten tourist attractions list of Signum. Numerous conservation groups have been put in place by its government to preserve its beauty.



Inside Pisces is a city-town named Hapaira (known in Common as the 'town of sapphire,' more commonly known as the town of hunters). It is a seaside port town that, according to Atienna, topped the lists for Signum's number one tourist attraction.

The deep blue sea had brightened to a cerulean hue as she had neared the docks that had been spotted with numerous colorful ships of all shapes and sizes. Piscese women and men had cheerfully greeted her arrival before she had even neared shore. They had swung by using surfboards and sailboards and had climbed onboard bringing with them small, tourist-like trinkets like hand-carved pendants and seashell bracelets. Some even performed small water tricks.

Using conductors, the Piscese Elementalists had twisted seawater into all sorts of shapes—birds, squares, circles, flowers. Then came the festivities. The night of their arrival so happened to be the night of an annual Piscese summer festival. There was chanting, singing, and dancing—all around a large bonfire at the meeting point of sea and land. In the firelight, the darkly inked tattoos the Piscese had seemed to come alive on their skins—dancing, twisting, telling stories.

- Maria, about her first visit to Hapaira; 43) Part II | 7.4: Maria's Hunt (Cacciatore)