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Ophiuchus is a central peacekeeping state that upholds peace over Signum. It used to be a nation on its own, but was converted into the peackeeping state it presently is after the Reservoir War.


Ophiuchius is made up of a number of departments, each headed by a series of chairpeople with ascending rank (from third chairperson to second chairperson to first chairperson). One main head chairperson seems to be at the head of all these chairpeople of different departments.

General Investigations Department[]

This department appears to handle general inquiry investigations into Signum, ranging from suspected illegal conductor activities to surface-level inquiries. If the case gets more specific (ie, it involves ELPIS or International Relations), it gets handed up to those Departments.

First Chairwoman: Gabrielle Law

Assignment Department[]

This department assigns cases to peacekeepers of all departments.

Head Chairwoman (current): Nadinaline Delacroix

ELPIS Investigations Department[]

This department is a specialized department dedicated to tracking down members of the terrorist organization ELPIS.

Head Chairwoman: (current) Leona; (former) Ilseong Jin

Psychological Evaluations Department[]

This department appears to handle psychological support for those who require it. Its original purpose was to evaluate the social and mental factors of at-risk groups throughout Signum.

First Chairman: (current) Talib Al-Jarrah

Second Chairwoman: (current) Alice Kingsley

Commerce Regulation Department[]

First Chairman: (current) Luca D'Angelo

International Relations Department[]

First Chairman: (current) Seamus Dolby

Reservoir Conservation Department[]

First Chairman: (current) William Saovàng

Communications Department[]

First Chairman: (current) Saddine Agwuegbo

Conductor Regulation and Conductor Law Department[]

First Chairwoman: (current) Katharina Groth

Licensing Department[]

First Chairman: (current) Moraeni Pōʻai

Medical Department[]

First Chairman: Hårek Ohmdahl

Notable Locations[]

Serpens Establishment[]

This is where the peacekeeping agents work. It is an office-like setting with the chairs of the department having their own separate offices.

Black Constellation Detention Center[]

This is a detention center located beneath the Serpens Establishment. It houses criminals captured by Ophiuchus. At the very lower levels, people who are associated with ELPIS are housed.

Prognoikos Aurora Reservoirs[]

These are a collection of reservoirs inside of Ophiuchus. They serve as a tourist attraction. There are thirteen total. They are involved in Monadism.

Grand Snake Train Station[]

The Grand Snake Train Station is a train station situated outside of the Serpens Establishment. It is connected to all countries of Signum.