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Omicron was the leader of a terrorist organization called ELPIS and was one of its original founders. She was the equivalent to a Manipulator. Her mediums of choice tended to be steel bars.


Early Life[]

Not much is known about Omicron other than the fact that she is an original Ophiuchian. Sometime during Signum's founding, she and the other original founders of ELPIS bleached their vitae and stored themselves into resistors. She has an intimate relationship with fellow ELPIS leader Theta.


Some time before the story starts, Omicron was initiated into a Capricornian named Charite. The initiation was incorrect, so Omicron gained access to Charite's memories and vice versa.

ELPIS Department Documentation[]

ELPIS Name: Omicron (#54)
True Name: Unknown
Country of Origin: Most likely Capricorn or Taurus
Conducting-type: Manipulator
Capable of manipulating 15+ items at once
Incapable of using manipulated items as observational mediums
Requirements—blood contact with item, conductor usage
Location of tattoo: left-side of face
Threat Level: A-
Additional Notes: At least 3+ Licensed Conductors advised to engage.


Part I: The Converging Six[]

Omicron first appears in the Twin Cities and encounters Jericho in a warehouse. She is surprised by the color of his vitae but manages to defeat him by sending manipulated steel bars at him from behind. In the background, she was working alongside Verga of the Romano Family and pay him to ship their resistors into Ophiuchus. With Verga's dseath, she loses their shipment of resistors.

At the end of Part I, she is seen gathering with other ELPIS leaders in the Twin Cities.

Part II: The Illusionary Six[]


Omicron had a very relaxed personality, but she wasnot opposed to acts of violence. She wasvery fond of children and very protective over Theta. While she was noble, she also wasn't averse to lying