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“No coming back?” Omega flipped her hair again slowly as she turned to face Agape. The sideways ELPIS tattoo imprinted on the back of her neck became visible in the dim light. “Are you making every decision in your life thinking you can go back and reverse it?” Omega bent down over her knees, looking down at Agape like she was talking to a child. “The moment we called ourselves ELPIS we knew we could never go back.” - Omega speaking to Agape Rosario, Part II | 9.1-1: Cadence's Stumble (Spirale)

Omega was an ELPIS leader active during ELPIS's invasion of the Twin Cities during Part II. She was the one who pushed Jericho down the stairs in Part I, initiating his connection. She was a Manipulator.


"...and a woman stepped into the candlelight between her and Agape. The woman had dark skin and was dressed in a loose suit. Her features were cat-like, and the hair that cascaded down her back was bleached white..."

- Omega's appearance, Part II | 8.[]: An Inheritor's Greed (Generosita)

Her snake tattoo was located at the back of her neck.

ELPIS Department Documentation[]

ELPIS Name: Omega (#91)
True Name: Unknown
Country of Origin: Unknown
Conducting Type: Manipulator
Capable of manipulating an uncounted number of objects.
Capable of using manipulated objects as observational mediums.
Location of Tattoo: Back of neck
Threat Level: C+
Additional Notes: N/A


Omega had a very airy, almost air-headed and bubbly, personality with most of her speech being accompanied by breathiness and giggling. She had a habit of flipping her hair and had a habit of speaking like others could read her mind. Whether this was the result of there being very little vitae left in her resistor is unknown. She enjoys spying on people through her mediums and develops a one-sided relationship with them that is sometimes protective.