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Olivier (Olive) Chance is the Ariesian crown prince and a True Conductor. After surviving the attack known as the Tragedy of Aries, he can manipulate vitae without a Conductor. He is an Elementalist. He is the focus character of Part I: The Converging Six.


Early Life[]

After his family's death in the Tragedy of Aries, he was raised by his aunt Terra and his uncle, the king and queen of Aries.

Tragedy of Aries[]

When he was ten years old, Olive's sister, Lavender (Lavi) Chance, was designated as a potential saint candidate. After she was taken to Ophiuchus and made to do some tests that she failed, Olive tried everything to cheer her up, even sneaking her outside of the palace while their parents were in a meeting. However, when they returned to the palace, they saw a homeless man outside, "asking for help." Olive, feeling "self-righteous," snuck the man in. The man later let in the ELPIS members who murdered those in the palace.

After Olive saw Lavi in an ELPIS member's hands, it triggered his powers; leading him to set fire to the palace and cause the fire known as the Tragedy of Aries. Ever since that day, Olive was able to channel vitae without a Conductor.

Meeting the Six[]

Olive was in a lecture about vitae at the Royal University in New Ram City before deciding to escape it by leaping out of an open window. Shot by an Elementalist's fire-laced arrow during the process, he passed out from the assassination attempt and triggered the Six's connection.


“Not conducting. Vitae theory goes over my head. But… conductors—yeah, I know a thing or two.” Olive set the arrowhead in one of the slots. Marta handed him a cubical glass cover to slip over it. “I wanted to be a conductor engineer when I was younger.”

“What made you change your mind?”

Both Claire and Cadence asked the question.

“I realized it was stupid. Pointless,” Olive answered as he helped Marta check the cables. “You make things thinking that you’re helping people. That you’re making a difference. But that’s just you trying to reassure yourself that something you’re putting so much effort into actually matters. It’s stupid.” He moved away so that the mechanic could hook an empty vial to the other slot. “Sometimes just by doing that, you make it worse for everyone else without realizing it.”

- Olive, talking about his former dream job, (25) Part I | 4.1: Chance Direction

Olive is often described as prickly, and the phrase "all bark no bite" has been applied to him more than once. He is hostile to most people, either being sarcastic or ignoring them entirely, and has been accused of being "naïve" on multiple occasions due to his sheltered upbringing. His hostile nature stems from his depression resulting from the Tragedy of Aries. He thinks that there is no point in doing anything because it doesn't matter in the long run. Pushing people away is his coping mechanism, so no one gets disappointed in the end.

Beneath his biting exterior, he has a heart of gold and cares deeply for those close to him. He has an altruistic nature and thinks with his heart. Out of the five he is connected with, he is the one who brings the most morality to the picture.

He does not want to ascend the throne, but has mentioned to Trystan that if "[everything] works out okay and if [Olive] ends up somehow being on the throne," he would help Trystan alleviate Torinne's high tax burden, education system, and reservoir problem; which suggests that he does in fact hold consideration for his country.


Part I: The Converging Six[]

Olive is first introduced to the plot - and the Six - after he nearly gets assassinated escaping from a lecture. He wakes up in his room to Lavi, who laughs at him before she bursts into tears and hugs him, telling him not to ever get shot again. The reunion is interrupted by Olive's aunt and uncle, Queen Terra and King Augustus respectively. Terra asks Olive how he's feeling, while Augustus informs Olive that they'll be doubling the security as well as mobilizing the Information Bureau - Ophiuchus agents have been sent to investigate, as well.

Augustus asks to speak with Olive alone, and Terra leaves the room. Olive's uncle tells Olive that the guards told Augustus that it looked like Olive saw the arrow coming; Augustus says that "[he] would’ve rather had [Olive] burn that arrow to a crisp and be unharmed and with nothing to investigate than have [Olive] hurt." With that, Olive thinks that Augustus doesn't understand, turning towards the window instead before looking at his uncle, who retracts his reaching hand. Augustus leaves, after they glance at each other.

Ignoring Lavi's insistences that Augustus and Terra both are worried about Olive, he gets up and opens his door, attempting to get out of the room. He is stopped by the two guards outside, head royal guard Alexander Charming and a new recruit who Alexander introduces as Trystan Carter. While conversing with them, Olive is interrupted by odd lines of thought and strange sounds, which Alexander and Trystan appear not to hear. He closes the door and retreats back to his room, where he sneaks out of the window despite Lavi's protests.

He sneaks out to a conductor store and meets a strange boy, whom introduces himself as Claire.

Later, another assassination attempt occurs on Olive while Claire is present, which Alexander and Trystan stop. Olive notices that Trystan's conductors are similar to the first assassin, having both a bow-and-arrow type. After, due to his supposed negligence, Alexander is stripped off his position as head royal guard and demoted to a post at the outer city wall; Trystan is appointed as a replacement soon after. Soon after, Trystan is stripped of his position as well, after being accused of treason and being the first assassin.

After synchronizing with Cadence, Olive picks the lock of the royal dungeon as he has memorized his guards' rotational schedules. Just then, Werner synchronizes, and after being informed on the situation by Cadence, detects a person entering the dungeon, and tells Olive to hide. Olive does, but discovers the intruder is Claire. Claire makes the excuse that he thought it was the treasury room and that Olive was trying to steal something, but both Cadence and Werner are suspicious. Cadence tells Olive that she thinks Claire is a liar, but Olive casts their suspicions aside.

Entering the dungeon and meeting Trystan, Olive tells him that he should keep his political opinions to himself, reading out one of Trystan's politically radical papers accusing Aries' feudal system of being nepotistic instead of meritocratic. But still, Olive informs Trystan that the Information Bureau had relied on Trystan's conducting-type matching the assassin's rather than the actual conductor. Olive gestures from the two arrows - Trystan's and the assassin's - to his wound, and says that the real proof is there.

Later, with Claire, Olive goes to Marta's conductor-parts store, introducing Claire to Marta before asking Marta about her new invention, the vitae-spectrometer. Olive asks Marta if he can use it for a test trial, but Marta is hesitant. Cadence tells Olive to promise that he'll pitch Marta's invention to his aunt and uncle - Olive hesitates, saying that it'll be hard to carry out the promise, but follows Cadence's words, and Marta agrees. Olive uses the vitae-spectrometer to measure the vitae of both the assassin's arrow and Trystan's, and both come up with different results, which means Olive has proved Trystan's innocence.

Soon after, Olive returns to the palace to present his findings, but discovers Claire there. King Augustus and Queen Terra introduces "Claire" to Olive as Yuseong Haneul, the nineteenth prince of Sagittarius and the first prince of the Sagittarian Seong Clan. The king and queen question "Claire's" intentions, for his presence during the current political climate. Claire returns that he has something to say, and presents Olive's vials and spectrometer results - which Olive realizes Claire has pickpocketed.

Shocked by the betrayal, Olive has a breakdown later that night, synchronizing with all of the Six. Cadence begins to say it's not Olive's fault, that Claire had been very convincing but Olive cuts her off by saying that none of this would've happened if he'd listened to Cadence. He thinks that "[he] should just die," and reveals to the Six his role in the Tragedy of Aries, and his sister Lavi's presence. Jericho once again brings up ELPIS, but without his personal vendetta in the words. Werner concludes that Olive's abilities most likely spawns from Lavi's vitae merging with Olive's. Maria says that she would not allow Olive to die, as he is "hers." Just before the synchronization is cut, Werner reveals that Olive's assassination attempt has more layers to it, and tells Olive to run and hide.

“Chance…” Werner said suddenly. There was an edge to his voice. “The attempt on your life was not an assassination attempt.”

Olive blinked a couple of times at the sudden nonsensical change. “Uh, what?”

“It’s very well known that Sagittarius is seeking aid from other countries after being pulled into the border conflict. It’s also known that Aries and Sagittarius have shared good relations following the Reservoir War. It follows that Aries would come to aid Sagittarius if anything were to happen to them. That is unless Aries had their hands full with something else.”

- Werner, about the first assassination attempt on Olive

Yet another event happens when Olive is on his way to the palace - he is attacked by Capricornian Conductors belonging to the Capricornian Watch. As Samuel - another guard - throws himself into the fray, Cadence abruptly synchronizes and tells Olive that if he wants to play hero, he shouldn't take the guards' sacrifices in vain - she tells Olive to run. And Olive does, warning the mansion guards about intruders and telling all of them to run. As the Watch closes in on Olive, Atienna synchronizes and guides Olive's hands to flip the nearest Conductor backwards and kick him in the face. She tells Olive to "keep going," before disappearing.

Then Werner appears in Olive's vision, and asks if he "may." Olive nods, and Werner puts a hand over Olive's eyes as the lieutenant uses Olive's body to shoot the members of the Watch in the legs. Werner warns that he merely incapacitated them, and he is only saving Olive because Olive's death would be detrimental to Capricorn, before apologizing that he didn't inform Olive sooner. Before he de-synchronizes, he tells Olive to "run." Maria synchronizes next, and asks Olive if he trusts her. Although Olive hesitates, thinking that trust is a strong word, he ultimately accepts; and Maria pushes him out of a window, into a waiting Claire's arms.

After escaping with Olive, Claire tells his people to tell the Ariesian royals that Olive is in his custody. Olive labels the action as a political ploy, but Cadence remarks that at least Claire is helping him.

“Hey… even if there’s a second motive for why you’re helping me… thank you.”

Claire glanced back at him and smiled.

“I’m not talking to you,” Olive clarified.

- Olive, to the Six

The duo lands on a village square, where Olive sees Wtorek Izsak. After reassuring Claire that he knows Izsak, Olive soon realizes that this Izsak is not the same, observing Izsak's white vitae. Olive soon runs away, dragging Claire's unconscious body, before channeling his vitae at Izsak. He apologizes internally, but realizes that Izsak remains unharmed, as the peacekeeper has shielded himself. As Izsak approaches Olive, Izsak notes that Olive is a "saint candidate-no, one of the connected. A True Conductor." Izsak tells Olive he "can't be allowed to live," and that Olive "should've died in the Tragedy of Aries."

Just then, a familiar suitcase hits Izsak on the head out of nowhere, and Jericho appears in the flesh. After quickly explaining that he regained consciousness after Fabrizzio Senior's treatment; and that the ELPIS initiates were in custody and that the initiates informed Jericho that the ELPIS Leader was going to Aries; along with Jericho's intuition, Jericho rushed here. He adds that Atienna convinced him to abandon the ELPIS initiates. Izsak approaches again, and Jericho releases his vitae - it is white. It dawns on Atienna that Jericho had been indoctrinated into ELPIS when he was young. Jericho defeats Izsak.

Claire is soon attended to by his royal guards, and Olive finds a stuffed animal on the floor, belonging to Izsak. He hands it to Jericho, who asks if a hug would be customary. Olive refuses.

At Sagittarius[]

While at the Bodhi Temple, a monk mentioned to Olive that he had seen a person like Olive who could control vitae without a conductor - Pema, the monk's sister, an air Elementalist Conductor and a failed saint candidate. The monk informs Olive that he'll need a State Conducting License before reading Pema's records of her travels; but Olive stumbles upon Pema's notes, titled Conducting Variants: Vitae, Energy, Life, Blood. Soul? - Notes by Pema while rounding the Bodhi's Temples Archives, and opens it. After reading for a while - and discovering shocking revelations about ELPIS' possible method of conducting - he is interrupted by a woman in a black suit wearing sunglasses, who calls out to him while recognizing Olive as the Ariesian crown prince.

She introduces herself as "Ilseong Jin of the Seong Clan. Saint Candidate of Sagittarius. Saint of the Arrow, Saint of Direction."


Cadence Morello[]

Olive has a complicated relationship with Cadence. While on one hand, he internally sees her as an "older sister"; on the other, Olive's 'naïve' righteousness and Cadence's skewed moral perspective on the world creates moral friction. After Cadence overrides Werner and saves Alma, Olive and Cadence get into a disagreement.

“Would ya give me a break, kid…?” Cadence’s speech patterns with Werner’s voice. “I’m trying ta make up for i—”

A beat of silence.

“Okay, okay, ya make a fair point but what else can I do about it?”

Another beat.

“Kid, that’s not healthy. Ya can’t go around beatin’ yourself up like that for somethin’ ya did in the past. Yeah, ya did it, but it doesn’t define ya. I mean, I barely recognize ya from the brat three months ago. And back then, with you… it was just the situation—”


“Yes, I do understand that ya gotta take responsibility. And, no, I’m not tryna twist this around ta make an excuse for myself, but I can see why ya see it that way.”


“Look, I feel terrible about what happened. Sincerely. That disappointment ya feel is not yours alone, kid. It’s mine too. And flower girl’s, captain’s, and detective’s. It’s a five-way slaughterhouse.”

An even longer silence.

‘Alma doesn’t care about me but Werner does?’ …Kid, what do you know?”

And then a wry chuckle. A cruel chuckle.

“Oh, I get it. Ya really are a sweetheart ain’t ya, kid? You’re thinkin’ that all of us are some type of family, right? Atienna’s like your mom, Werner’s like your pop, I’m your screw-up older sister, and Maria and Jericho are your weird aunt and uncle? Yep, that really is how ya see it, isn’t it?”

A painful silence.

“Well, I’m just going to lay it down for ya so ya don’t get hurt in the future. This niceness that we all got goin’ on is just playin’ pretend. We gotta act like this ta make it work. It’s fine pretendin’ like it’s family if ya want. Maybe you can even make us be that way. I mean, ain’t that what you’re doin’ to Wern—”

- Gilbert, listening to Cadence talk to Olive

Werner Waltz[]

But it’s almost here now. The syzygy—

The phantom abruptly disappeared, Chance’s silhouette taking its place. It left Werner wondering if it had even existed in the first place.

The boy’s desperate shouts for help jarred Werner from his thoughts. It was an inefficient use of time and energy, Werner thought. No one outside of their group would be able to hear his cries, after all. Still Chance continued the effort, his hysteria bleeding into Werner’s own thoughts.

And amongst all of the turbulent emotions Chance contained, a quiet thought drifted downwards. As consciousness faded from Werner, he could not help but wonder with incredulity if that was how he truly appeared to Olive.

- When Werner was passing out

Olive internally sees Werner as a "father," and Cadence points out that Werner does reciprocate some of that affection, Werner warning Olive about the Capricornian Watch and Olive thanking him; while Olive being desperate when Werner got hurt and even going so far as to contradict Cadence.

Maria Gloria-Fernandez[]

Olive labels Maria as crazy on more than one occasion. Although he is mostly appalled by her loose morals and possessiveness, he mostly speaks of her with fondness.


On a whim, Jericho lifted the cookie he was eating and held up the cookie platter with his other hand. Does it taste good?

Olivier arched a brow, scoffed, rolled his tongue in his mouth, and said, “Yeah, they taste good. Are you sure they aren’t poisoned or something?”

Why would they be poisoned?

Olivier scoffed again before glancing at the platter. “It’s really weird how that works. Being able to taste what another person tastes, I mean… It seems like a pretty useless thing.” He uncrossed his arms. “It’s been a while since I had any sweets. Sagittarius is surprisingly lax when it comes to that stuff.”

I can try more. If you’d like. Jericho stared down at the platter.

Olivier shifted from side-to-side for a moment before gesturing to a heart-shaped cookie. “How about that one?”

Jericho picked it up and ate it in two bites. He glanced at Olivier.

Olivier made a face. “Too much sugar.” He then pointed to a pumpkin-shaped one. “How about that one?”

After Jericho nibbled on it, Olivier gave a nod of approval. Then he pointed to another cookie.

After half an hour, the entire platter was empty, and Jericho was left feeling a bit nauseous. Olivier snickered at him before nervously urging him to drink water and milk.

Even after all the sweets, however, the heaviness eventually returned. Jericho supposed this meant that his efforts had failed. Alice would know, he thought, what the appropriate course of action should’ve been. Still, Olivier remained with him until the end of his shift.

- Olive sharing sweets with Jericho, Part II | 9.6: Jericho's (Lost) Racizino

Olivier thinks Jericho is somewhat odd and awkward but is shown to be fond of him, synchronizing the man during during the man's working shifts.

Olive's State Conducting License[]

Olivier Chance / 16 / M

License Special Class Royalty

Conducting Type Elementalist (Sub: Fire) / Intraneous User

Color Crimson

Most used c.a. N/A

Conducting No 16-81-55-14-924

Issued Year 1941 / Expires Year 1945


  • Olive Chance is named after the "Olive" as in the olive branch, representing peace; with the "Chance" as in ‘another chance.’
  • If Olive was in our world, he would like mainly "alternative-esque; borderline weeb music—if he had a MP3 player in our world, his playlist would just be anime openings." He would like to watch mainly anime, Mythbusters, and Bill Nye.
  • Olive's favorite animals are birds, "preferably parrots because he needs someone to talk to."
  • His favorite drink is strawberry milk.
  • If he existed in modern times, he would be an engineer or a professor.
  • If he attended modern high school, he would be the former-prodigy-turned-delinquent who rarely comes to school, and would be a "goth/gamer/weeb kid." Would stream on twitch. Piercings and hair dye galore. *rolls eyes and sighs* “poser”. But he would help students struggling in class/tutor them if they looked like they needed help.
  • Olive's conducting license number when separated a certain way (16 8 15 5 14 9 24) numerically is translated through the A1Z26 cipher to stand for "phoenix". It is unknown whether or not this is unintentional