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Monadism is a religion in Signum that is based off of worshiping and honoring the Ancestors that helped to found Signum. Part of the Monadic practice involves selecting saint candidates from the general population for each of the countries. These saint candidates are chosen based off of how closely they resemble the ancestor they are a candidate for.

One of the Monadic symbols is ☉.

It has been mentioned that it is an anachronism for something.

Saint Candidates[]

Saint Candidates
Country Saint Property Conducting Type Identity Status
Aries Saint of Ashes Elementalist (fire) Lavender Chance Stuck at the threshold
Taurus Saint of the Fortress Unknown Wtorek Csilla Active
Gemini Unknown Unknown Unknown Inactive
Cancer Unknown Unknown Unknown Inactive
Leo Saint of Victory Projector Leona Active
Virgo Saint of Bonds Unknown Unknown Inactive
Libra Saint of the Scales Specialist Arthur Pond (previous)

Flannery Caertas

Scorpio Saint of Passion

Saint of Pleasure

Manipulator Nareen (previous)

Talib Al-Jarrah

Sagittarius Saint of the Arrow

Saint of Direction

Elementalist (air) Pema (previous)

Ilseong Jin

Capricorn Unknown Unknown Unknown Inactive
Aquarius Saint of the Deep Unknown Unknown Inactive
Pisces Unknown Unknown Unknown Active
Ophiuchus Unknown Unknown Unknown Inact