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“How dare you.” Leona pointed to the ground, amber eyes blazing. “The foundation that you’re standing on was laid down, grown by, and nurtured for by us. We care far more for it than you ever could.”

- Leona, after being questioned

Leona is the Saint Candidate of Leo. She works as a peacekeeping agent in Ophiuchus and is the chairwoman of Ophiuchus's ELPIS Department. She is a Projector.


Leona has been described as “pretty,” with "gold hair and eyes," and "strong. Like magazine girls,” but Maria instead describes her eyes as "the color of molten amber. Not quite gold, not quite brown." Her hair is blonde/gold. She dresses in the Ophiuchian peackeeping attire with a suit and tie and the Ophiuchian armband.


Leona seems to have a strange arrogance about her - she "forgives" Maria's disrespect because of Maria's supposed importance as a True Conductor, and insists that she is the one to let Maria go, and not the other way around. She looks down on others, sometimes referring to certain people as “ants beneath her boot.” Ilseong Jin dislikes Leona because of her arrogance and says that she has an inferiority complex.

She holds her head high and has a regal air.