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“Cool, suave, handsome, never misses a shot, war hero. I could list more details if you’d like. I do like talking about the many talents I’ve honed over the years. My life is practically a shooting star.”

- Jin, introducing herself

Ilseong Jin, or the current Saint Candidate of Sagittarius, is the current Saint of Arrows and Direction. She is an air Elementalist, and the former chairwoman of the ELPIS Investigation Department. She is a scarily competent archer.


A woman dressed in a crisp black and white suit stood in his path. The blue moonlight cascading down in between the wooden beams of the hall fell in separated layers across her face and acted as a spotlight on the white band that glowed on her arm.

What was a peacekeeper doing here? No—why on earth was she wearing sunglasses?

Despite the time of day, a pair of circular shades perched on the woman’s nose. They were jet black—the same color as her rope of dark hair.

- Olive, describing Ilseong Jin when encountering her at the Bodhi Temple in Sagittarius

Behind the Name[]

Her name, "Ilseong Jin" (일성진) is made up of two parts: her surname, "Ilseong" (일성), which means "one/single star," and her given name, "Jin" (진).


Early Life[]

Ilseong Jin was born into the Seong Clan of Sagittarius. She had a sister whom flirted and successfully courted the emperor. Jin herself was not as skilled in the area and had poor marks in school. After skipping school one day, she befriended Shion Myosotis and they became fast friends.


“Yep, the saint candidate of Sagittarius would be me. What? Why I stepped down as chairman of the ELPIS Investigation Department? Dunno. I mean, it just got boring. ELPIS is just so old fashioned, you know? It gets repetitive. They just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. It’s not even a game of cat and mouse at this point. Hm, ‘what does that mean’? Well, I’ve given you enough to chew on, haven’t I? If you really want to know then why don’t you give the ELPIS Department a shot? Hell, maybe you’ll get my old spot”

- Jin Ilseong, former head chairwoman of the ELPIS Investigations Department of Ophiuchus


Jin has a relaxed, easygoing personality. She is shown to be proud of her accomplishments and casual about serious situations. She tends not to keep secrets well and has a neutral approach to things which is seen in the way she deals with the other saint candidates and ELPIS.


  • Jin is called "Aunt Jiji" by Claire.
  • Jin dislikes Leona, and thinks she's "got an inferiority complex—or is that a superiority complex? Well, whatever. She’s got one of them."