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It’s only natural. Someone who wasn’t born in a time of peace wouldn’t have the knowledge to implement a time of peace. You can use references, but if you’ve never experienced it, it’s still impossible. It was convoluted from the very start.

Francis/Theta, Part II, 10.1-1: A Brother’s Greed (Carita)

Francis Foxman is one of three heads of the Foxman Family operating in the Twin Cities. He is the younger brother of Allen Foxman and Carl Foxman. He enjoys smoking v-cigarettes. During Part II: The Illusionary Six, the ELPIS leader Theta is initiated into him, causing him to serve as the part's primary antagonist. After his initiation, he becomes a Specialist.


Early Life[]

Francis grew up in Aries alongside his elder brothers Carl Foxman and Allen Foxman. His father was an active duty soldier in the Reservoir War and an alcoholic. Whenever his father would . Eventually Carl, nearing the age of enlistment, decided to take him and Allen and run away from Aries. They took up residence in the Twin Cities where Carl took up a job as a dock worker.

During this time, Francis gained an education through Carl's homeschooling. The brothers dreamed of saving enough money and opening their own bar together when they were younger. While his brothers were out working at the docks, he befriended Cadence Morello, Fortuna Romano, and Nico Fabrizzio. Together they formed a pickpocket ring and would protect each other from other street gangs. They would often rob a candy store owned by a man named Ferrari. After stealing a chocolate bar with nuts in it, Francis went into anaphylactic shock which is when he discovered his nut allergy.

Foxman Crime Family[]

Eventually, Allen began to involve himself in the darker business in the Twin Cities due to his connection at the docks. Francis followed in his elder brother's footsteps and made a name for himself in the Cities as a crime boss dealing in shipping illegal items throughout Signum.


As Francis[]

Francis is a calm, affable, sociable, and collected individual. Compared to Allen, he works better with others. Compared to Carl, he is less prone to fits of violence. It was once said when he was younger that either he or Nico would make it out of the Twin Cities and make a decent living. He cares for his brothers, underlings, and friends and becomes violent if they are threatened. He enjoys playing poker and listening to classical music. He often thinks of the past and wonders what would change if everyone chose a better path in life.

As Theta[]

Upon adopting Theta's vitae and memories, he develops a dual personality that is wholly Theta. Theta is brooding and "gloomy." He enjoys reading and lacks social tact. Theta has a fondness for children and a disgust for conductors. His speech mannerisms are eloquent, and he's overly verbose. Despite his verbosity, he doesn't usually speak unless spoken to first. Most of his tactics use means of non-violence to meet end goals. He holds the respect of other ELPIS leaders.


During the Twin Cities incident, Theta's vitae and Francis's vitae begin to blend. Francis's tendency for violence and brutality comes to a head with Theta's desire to protect children.

After the incident... tb added

ELPIS Department Documentation[]

ELPIS Name: Theta (#16)
True Name: Unknown
Country of Origin: Unknown
Conducting Type: Specialist
Capable of a form of spatial distortion
Requirements—user’s blood marked with appropriate diameters at location of interest, conductor contact with separate blood marked area
Location of tattoo: unknown, but most likely right-side of face
Threat Level: S+
Additional notes: Do not engage.


Part I: The Converging Six[]

The Foxman brother's TwinStars Pub is hit.

Part II: The Illusionary Six[]


  • Francis is deathly allergic to nuts
  • "Omicron* and Theta --> Altair and Vega of the summer triad stars. The Chinese variant of those two stars has a legend with it. It's the legend of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. Basically the weaver girl meets the cowherd and becomes kinda useless and distracted and stops weaving, so the gods separate* them. The following is from the wonderful Wikipedia: 'they were banished to opposite sides of the heavenly river (symbolizing the Milky Way). Once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for one day.' - Author's Note in 13a.