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A Conductor is an individual who earns a conducting license and utilizes weaponized or generator conductors. Conductors who use weaponized conductors are categorized into six categories based on their conducting-type. They must follow a set of rules and regulations set out by Ophiuchus.

Conductors utilize vitae either intraneously (vitae within themselves) or extraneously (vitae of the outside world). Those who conduct vitae intraneously tend to exhaust themselves more easily than those who use it extraneously.

Types of Conductors[]


"Projectors are the most common type of Conductors in Signum, making up 2/3rds of the population of licensed Conductors. Projectors utilize vitae strictly intraneously. They expel the vitae out from themselves in a forceful surge of energy that can be highly destructive. Projectors tend to be found in combat-oriented occupations."


"Conjurors are the second most most common type of Conductor. They are able to craft physical objects using the vitae within themselves. They are limited to strictly intravenous vitae-conducting. Conjuring requires great concentration and exact knowledge of the physical properties of the object being conjured. Conjurors tend to be found in conductor engineering fields."


"Elementalists are the second rarest type of Conductors. Elementalists who are able to wield vitae intraneously utilize the vitae within themselves to generate the elements at their disposal. Those who are able to wield vitae extraneously are able to manipulate the vitae particles found in specific elements of the natural outside world. The recorded and observed conducted elements are the following: fire, water, air, earth."


"Transmutationists are versatile Conductors. Most utilize vitae extraneously, but some are able to utilize vitae intraneously. Transmutationists are able to either directly manipulate the vitae particles within objects (extraneous) or manipulate their own vitae particles (intraneous). Thus they are able to change the shape and form of objects by breaking apart and rejoining those particles. Transmutationists tend to mostly find occupations in the medical field."


"Manipulators utilize vitae strictly intraneously. They are able to inject their intraneous vitae into objects and manipulate the physical movements of those objects. Certain Manipulators are even capable of using their object of manipulation as a medium and 'see' through the medium."


"Specialists are the rarest type of Conductors in Signum and fall outside of the normal five conducting-types. Their ability to utilize vitae ranges with each manner of utilization vastly different from the next. There is still not much known about them as they consist of only 1% of the Conductor population."

Known Conductors[]