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A conductor is a device that channels vitae and allows manipulation of vitae particles. It falls into several categories: weaponized, generator, and general. Licenses are required for individuals operating weaponized and generator conductors. Their creation is highly regulated by Ophiuchus.


A proto-conductor is a newly invented conductor that can store the vitae of a person inside of it for another person to use it.

State Conductor Test[]

The State Conductor Exam (sometimes referred to as the State Conducting Exam) is a standardized examination given to prosoective Conductors. Established six months following the foundation of Ophiuchus as a peacekeeping state, this exam consists of three portions: written, practical, and interview. The written portion consists of questions regarding conducting principal and vitae theory, while the practical consists of conductor maneuverability and usage.

Altogether, the exam can take 7.5 hours to complete.

In order to receive a State Conductor's License, one must pass this test.

- Conducting Informational Packet, circa 1935

State Conductor's License[]

Name / Age / Sex

Licensee Special Status (ex. royalty, diplomat, foreign alien, military, peacekeeping agent, conductor engineer, etc.)

Conducting Type (ex. Projector, Manipulator, Elementalist, etc. PLEASE NOTE: Elementalist’s subcategory required.) / Extraneous vs Intraneous -user

Color (of vitae)

Most used c.a. (Most used conductor apparatus. In general terms: glove-conductor, rifle-conductor, blade-conductor. Specific brand and model not required but may be added upon request.)

Conducting No (Examinee number)

Issued Year / Expires Year (Renewals required every four years.)

* Licenses are to be watermarked with an emblem of the licensee’s country of origin. Ophiuchian seal is required to differentiate from counterfeits.