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Capricorn is a southern country of Signum that shares a border with Aquarius and the southern country of Argo, and a highly militaristic country that values duty and service. It is ruled by the Grand Kaiser, the position currently occupied by one Acting Kaiser General Waltzmann, who is assisted by a chancellory cabinet of military generals.

History and Current Events[]

Post-Reservoir War Hyper-Militarization[]

Grand Kaiser Friedrich Netzche, "handed the Reservoir War by [his] aunt and her father before her," is largely accredited to pushing for Capricorn's hyper-militarization during the post-war period.

The Augen Revolution and the Week of Blindness (1941)[]

The Verbendune Augen rose to prominence as an anti-military movement during the Capricornian-Aquarian border conflict. Although only 30% of Capricornians supported it, the Saint Candidate of Scorpio implanting his spores in a quarter of said supporters led to an escalation of political tensions in the Capricornian capital, resulting in Augen leader Marionette Engel assassinating the then-Grand Kaiser Kafke Netzsche. Said series of events were known as the Week of Blindness.

Creation of Aquarian-Capricornian Task Force (1941)[]


  • In the aftermath of Kaiser Kafke Netzsche's assassination, General Watzmann took on the title of Acting Kaiser and established contact with the Tsar and Premier of Aquarius in order to improve border relations. An agreement was established to create a joint task force between the two countries to seek a truce with Argo and put an end to the border conflict.
  • In order to create said task force, multiple joint activities will be held for the sake of improving diplomatic relations between the two countries; such as less taxation on vitae transportation, the installment of better ley lines between the reservoirs between the two countries, and joint military training exercises.

Alles Für Alle[]


Meaning "all for all," Alles Für Alle was a Capricornian military project dedicated on using human experimentation. Most notably, said project was capable of converting humans into fourth-level vitae by converting the vitae in the human body beyond the fourth level before death using a weaponized conductor on the human body, upon which lower-level (fourth-level) vitae was produced. Conductor engineer Marta John and vitae theory scientist P.D. Oran were a part of said project.

Transition to Post-Blindness Demilitarization[]

Decentralization of the Militärpolizei and Employment Instability[]

The phrase "demilitarization of Capricorn" primarily means the de-centralization of the Militärpolizei, also known as the Capricornian military police. Said decentralization indicates a halving of the military police's workforce through layoffs and other cuttings of police funds, while still keeping in place the Capricornian Border Force, leading many jobs lost and many former Militärpolizei to enlist in the Border Force post-Week of Blindness.

International Scrutiny[]

Ophiuchus is also observing Capricornian's demilitarization through helping control unrest and providing funds, while receiving social needs and progress assessments in return. Tariffs from Sagittarius (see: Sagittarian-Capricornian Tariff Tensions) remain.

Political Infighting[]

It has been mentioned that signatures have been collected for Acting Kaiser General Watzmann's resignation due to supposed incompetence in transition to demilitarization. Political factions in the Capricornian Chancellory persist.

Anti-Aquarian-Capricornian Movement[]

The Anti-Aquarian-Capricornian movement is a recent political movement started to oppose the joint Aquarian-Capricornian task force and a truce with Argo. Speculations have been made that half of said movement are former members of the Verbendune Augen (see: further below).

Economic Inequality[]

Almost every other Capricornian he entered, however, contained in them suppressed anger, dissatisfaction, grief, and contempt. The oppressive and yet somehow paradoxically hands-off reign of the current Kaiser and the lack of vitae reservoirs and related shortages in the border-lining towns of Capricorn strangled the people. No one knew of it, but economic inequality was around every corner. In order to escape it, Capricornians often stayed longer in service than the required years to escape heavy non-service taxation and to earn enough of a stipend to move to cities and towns where vitae was supplied more readily. However, this led to work shortages in other areas such as agriculture and research and development. The chancellery had tried to adapt by creating military positions in science-related fields, but it was still insufficient.

In other words, the system that made Capricorn strong was tearing it apart. No system lasted forever. Every single one failed, only to be rebuilt again with ‘improvements,’ only to fail again.

- Scorpio, about Capricorn


Capricorn suffers from deep economic inequality. Capricornians who suffer from poverty usually stay longer in military service than required due to non-service taxation rates. Those who live in border-lining towns that suffer from shortages of vitae and lack of reservoirs, usually depend on military stipends to move elsewhere. As the rate of those joining the military increase, those who work in other fields like agriculture; research and development; etc. decrease. The chancellery of Capricorn's efforts to create military positions in science-related fields have been to no avail. In addition, due to the sheer amount of recruits, those who end up making it through the ranks usually belong to wealthy military families.

Relations with Other Countries[]

Capricorn has been observed to have a turbulent relationship with both Aquarius and the continent/country of Argo; both of which they share borders with.

After Fritz von Spiel proposed joint military efforts with Aquarius to combat the encroaching Argo, the proposal was denied by the Kaiser.


In conclusion, due to their common, shared enemy found at the southern border of Signum, Capricorn and Aquarius hold not only a significant relationship that serves as a cornerstone of peace within Signum but also hold the potential for an alliance that may change the tide of both countries for years to come. With the military might of both, the encroaching country of Argo will surely falter.

Therefore, I ask the Grand Military Generals and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the Kaiser, to consider putting forth a request for a mutually beneficial military dual pact with Aquarius.

Proposal: DENIED by the Grand Kaiser Kafke Netzche

- Proposal on Southern Border Joint Military Efforts, submitted by Fritz von Spiel


With the recent events and the proposal of an Aquarian-Capricornian joint task force to achieve a truce with the Argoans, this turbulent relationship has stabilized, though costing relations with Sagittarius and likely Aries (see: Sagittarian-Capricornian Tariff Tensions)

Die Hauptstadt[]

Die Hauptstadt is the capital of Capricorn where most of the governmental processes are run. There is a military district hosting a chancellory room where the Kaiser meets to speak with ranking generals.

Notable Locations[]

The Execution Tower[]

"The Execution Tower was first built at the dictation of Kaiserin Selma Schubert Netzche in the year 1910 during the Reservoir War. It was designed to execute foreign war criminals in full display of the public in order to fill fellow Capricornians with a sense of unity and retribution. In later years as the war dragged on, it was used to publicly execute domestic usurpers and deserters to bolster a sense of unity and strength in standing at the line of duty.

Since the war’s end, it’s use has been seldom and far between. The open windows that once displayed the executions openly have been built over with stained-glass windows designed by Capricornian artist Gretchen Howser. It stands as a symbol of Capricornian determination."

-  Military Buildings, The Foundation of Capricorn 5th edition

Capricorn Government and Military[]


Capricorn's body of government seems to rely heavily on the Grand Kaiser and his cabinet of military generals, as well as various chambers for various purposes.

Past Kaisers[]

Kaiserin Selma Schubert Netzche

Kaiser Friedrich Nikolaus Netzche

Kaiser Kafke Netzche

Capricorn Chamber of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda[]

"Adhere to the Vitae Preservation Mandate of 1930.

Preserve vitae, preserve the country, serve the country!

Do your part as a fellow Capricornian! And remember to report in non-adherence!

For glory, for honor, victory is upon us at home too!"

- Vitae Preserverence Mandate Adherence Poster, posted by the Capricorn Chamber of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda

Capricornian Council on Special Conductors[]

It is believed to be the Capricornian authority on True Conductors, the national equivalent to Ophiuchus' ELPIS Department.

Unusual behavior and altered state of personality and identity found in patient 5789. Recalls imaginary events—"memories"—that have not happened to startling detail. Formerly believed to have held a possible character flaw. Five weeks into treatment, ability to change conducting-type from Transmutationist to Elementalist noted. P.D. Oran, an onboard conductor engineer, suggested possibility of dissociative psychological disorder playing a role in this extraordinary display.

Interest from Capricornian Council on Special Conductors and ELPIS Department of Ophiuchus garnered. Patient and patient information subsequently transferred over to parties per legal request.



The Militärpolizei are an military organization built to protect the people. They are the Capricornian military police.


"The Unterdrückungspolizei, identified by the yellow tag on their uniform, are a special unit within the Militärpolizei trained to handle organized violence against the state. Elementalists compose approximately 50% of this force, and they must pass a rigorous examination in order to serve in this position. Usurpers captured by the Unterdrückungspolizei are sent to the Corrections and Re-education Committee."

- Basics of Military Structure, The Foundation of Capricorn 5th edition

Capricornian Border Force[]

The Capricornian Border Force are the branch of the Capricornian military dedicated to protecting its borders. There are as many as 212 divisions within it.

Chain of Command[]

The Capricornian chain of command has been shown to go as follows:

General > Major General > Major > Captain > First Lieutenant > Second Lieutenant > Corporal > Lance Corporal > Private.

The Capricornian Watch[]

“There is a military program in Capricorn called the Watch. Major Ersatz helped create it and partially heads it,” Werner said. “It was created to keep an eye on the political developments in other countries through planted spies.” He paused, feeling the eyes of the other five on him. His palms itched. “It was also created to help Capricorn covertly intervene in affairs if deemed necessary. Recently, Sagittarius has been seeking aid from other countries including Aries. To make sure Aries did not intervene, Ersatz activated the Watch to fake an assassination attempt on the prince of Aries.”

- Werner Waltz, about the Capricornian Watch

An military spy program established by Capricorn to keep an eye on the other countries and covertly intervene if necessary. Formerly headed by Major Ersatz.

It was behind the assassination attempt on the Ariesian crown prince in order to make sure Aries did not side with the Sagittarians in the Capricornian-Aquarian border conflict.

Verbundene Augen[]

The Verbundene Augen is a political, anti-military movement operating in Capricorn. It was said to have risen after the Capricornian Watch was revealed to the public eye, but its origins tie back to before that. The revelation of the Capricornian Watch served as a gateway to popularize the movement. The movement started off with a group of Reservoir War veterans and gained sensationalization through its leader Marionette Engel. Its name means "Connected Eyes."

FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE NOT FOR THE COUNTRY, it read in Common. Just below it was the image of the curly-mustached Kaiser aiming a conducting rifle at some enemy in the distance. Half of the Kaiser’s body peeled away like torn paper to reveal a skeleton hidden underneath. Part of his conducting rifle peeled away in a similar artistic style to reveal that what the Kaiser ‘truly’ held was a death certificate. Tiny letters were printed just below the image: ‘Sponsored by the Verbundene Augen.’ Beneath that print was a cartoonish drawing of an eye with three lashes.

- Verbundene Augen, recruitment notice

The Verbundene Augen's anti-military, anti-conductor views have been made clear through both their stances and actions in the form of rallies.

The Verbundene Augen is a new political movement that is seeing steady growth. Its foundation in the Die Hauptstadt appears to be in relation to the recent publicization of the Capricornian military Watch. Its strong stances on demilitarization and criticism of the Kaiser can be problematic for future progressive development. Proposals of defaming the group through associating it with ELPIS have been suggested due to both groups' apparent anti-conductor stances. The leader Marionette Engel, however, has denounced ELPIS publicly so this may prove to be difficult. Further investigations into this group are suggested and to be approved by General Falke Sperber.

- Report from the Capricorn Chamber of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, 08/1941 (Capricorn's government, about the Augen)

Known Members[]

National Anthem[]

For mother, for father,

For glory, for honor,

Victory is upon us...”

Known Inhabitants[]

Werner Waltz

Viktoria Waltz

Ludwig Waltz

Ulrich Waltz

Wilhelm Fischer

Klaus Kleine

Alwin Brandt

Derek Stein

Emilia Bergmann

Klaus Kleine

Otto Vogt