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“Despite Cancer’s five dukedoms and its royal family no longer holding the their former power, they are still very much important to Cancerian culture. They are cornerstones of Cancerian heritage and beloved by the people all the same. Both the dukedoms and the royal family are active participants in the selection of potential Cancerian saint candidates as well as the knighting as Cancer’s infamous Chevaliers.”

- Countries of Signum by Multiple Authors, 20th edition

Cancer is a country bordered by Taurus and Libra.

History and Current Events[]

Cancerian-Leonian Marriage[]

  • A Cancerian Duke of the House Lune (by the name of Aldéric Échecs) proposed to a Leonian princess (Illunaria Solnaciente). Although ducal positions are not ingrained in Cancer's government, they are symbols of the country, and thus its diplomatic context is prominent.

Relations With Other Countries[]

Cancerian-Librish Relations[]

Cancer and Libra's relations have been turbulent since the 1600s, when a Cancerian-Librish marriage led to Librish claims over the Cancerian throne. Said turbulent relations have continued until now.

Cancerian-Leonian Relations[]

See above: [Cancerian-Leonian Marriage]