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Cadence Morello is a Geminian swindler operating out of the Twin Cities of Gemini. She is one of the main six protagonists of Six Chances and a True Conductor. She is an intraneous Transmuntionist. She is the focus character of Part II: The Illusionary Six.


Early Life[]

Cadence was originally born in Aries. Both of her parents served during the Reservoir War. After the war's end, she moved with her parents to the Twin Cities of Gemini in hopes of getting a better life. During their stay in the Twin Cities, her parents became addicted to the drug morrowheat and became neglectful and at times abusive. This culminated in her mother overdosing on morrowheat. Coerced by her father, she used her conducting abilities to impersonate her deceased mother and retrieved her mother's savings. Her father then took those savings and abandoned her.

Left as a technical orphan, she took to the streets and eventually adapted to Twin Cities life. She came into contact with Ricardo Romano, don of the Twin Cities' Romano Family, after trying to pickpocket him. He offered her a meal and a place to stay. She took the meal. Through her work with Ricardo, she befriended Nico Fabrizzio, Fortuna Romano, and the Foxman Brothers. Their group of street ruffians would frequently rob and steal from the candy store owned by a man named Ferrari who would send his dogs after them.

During this time period, she also befriended and became enamored by a pianist named Alma who worked at the Casa de Bambolle. Alma gave Cadence shelter at times and taught Cadence how to play the piano. Alma was eventually sold to the Romanos' rival, the Campana Family. Cadence pledged to buy her back and create a place for Alma in the Twin Cities.

Meeting the Six[]

Cadence was assigned to weasel out information from someone who was selling conductors in the Romano Family's territory. She was caught up in an explosion in the TwinStars Pub set off by an explosive conductor. This explosion that nearly took her life initiated her connection with the six.


Cadence has a very charming, affable, easy going personality which she uses to hide her selfish, manipulative nature. In the beginning of the story, she tends to make selfish decisions, blaming things on "situation" and "circumstance." Although she cares for the people close to her, she makes excuses for herself when she ends up betraying them for her own needs. This excuse-making also applies to people she is close since she makes excuses for those around her who wrong her. In a sense, she believed that everyone was a victim of circumstance to make it easier to explain other people's and her own actions.

She has a peculiar way of speaking, shortening -ing words and saying “ta” instead “to” which may result from a combination of her life on the streets and her Ariesian-Geminian roots.

After the Twin Cities incident in Part II, she learned that she needed to take responsibility for her actions. She became aware that the people who wronged he were at fault just like she was at fault for wronging people.

She uses her ability to mask her true feelings and create illusions of how things are. She tends to be somewhat dramatic, demanding that Nico's father check her more thoroughly whenever she's injured. She relaxes easily too, calming down after these bursts of dramatic energy.

Cadence is also an intense romantic and has a habit of flirting. She gets along with children, becoming the "favorite" of the Specialist children the Foxman brothers take in.


Overall Abilities

Reading People


Conducting Ability[]

Illusions (Transmutationist, intraneous):


Part I: The Converging Six[]

Part II: The Illusionary Six[]


Nico Fabrizzio[]

Nico Fabrizzio is Cadence's childhood best friend. They would roam the streets together, and she would often defend him from her bullies. He admired her and developed feelings for her at some point which he got over. Cadence, on the other hand, is shown to be attached to Nico and have complicated feelings about him choosing to stay with Werner in Capricorn. She seems to value him but is frustrated at their mutual selfishness.There are also hints of jealousy in her since Nico was able to leave the city. She cares for him but their relationship is complicated.

Francis Foxman[]

Francis is Cadence's childhood friend. Since they're both more relaxed and easy going to compared to the others in their group, they tend to get along well.


Alma taught Cadence how to play piano at a young age and was one of the few who showed her any kindness when she was younger. Because of this, Cadence is very attached to her to the point of forgoing her other relationships if it means benefitting Alma. While Alma has been shown to care for Cadence, Alma is more willing to choose herself and her own happiness over her relationship with Cadence.

Olive Chance[]

Olive is said to view Cadence as his older sister. She affectionately calls him "kid" and "brat." They butt heads often over moral topics.

Werner Waltz[]

Cadence is frequently chastised and lectured to by Werner. She refers to him affectionately as "dear lieutenant" and is amused by his seriousness more than anything else. After he overrode her during her torture, she feels indebted to him. Since they share similar experiences growing up in negligent and abusive households, she understands him. It may be that she was the first to discover his scarred hands.

Maria Gloria-Fernandez[]

Cadence takes Maria's antics with stride and nicknames her "sunshine."

Atienna Imamu[]

Cadence was at first enamored by Atienna's beauty and charm. Cadence sometimes refers to her as "doll." They butt heads over how to treat people in the circle.


Cadence is shown to give Jericho social advice. She supports his pursuit of art. In the beginning, she viewed him as useful due to his position as a peacekeeper.


  • [Cadence Mood Theme]
  • Cadence Morello was named after the "cadence" of music, a reference to her talents and interests; with her surname "Morello" as in ‘amore’ (love) a, referring to Cadence’s ill-ending relentless pursuit of it.
  • Scorpio calculated her probability of being a True Conductor as 100%, with a probability of disrupting the syzygy as 6%.